Commission Status: open

email: [email protected]

Terms of Service


  • Prices of commissions are in USD, and payment will be requested through PayPal invoice.

  • Payment is done in full before I start working.

Work Flow:

  • Step 1: Sketch - you can request changes to the drawing (up to 2 edits).

  • Step 2: Color plan / Rough colors - you can request changes to the base colors (the sketch cannot be touched at this point)

  • Step 3: Rendering and final image - no changes are possible at this stage


  • Artwork will be finished within 1-3 months after payment.

  • If you have specific deadline, let me know in advance and I’ll let you know whether I can work with those conditions or not.

Possible Refunds:

  • If you decide to cancel BEFORE I start working on your commission.

  • There will be no refunds once the commission has started.

What I will not draw:

  • Heavy NSFW

  • Any characters that are deemed offensive


  • I have the right to refuse commission request for any reason.

  • You may post in social medias, alter or edit the final artwork. These commissions are strictly for PERSONAL USE only.

  • For commercial work, please drop me an email to discuss the details.

  • I reserve the rights over the final artwork. I hold the rights to post your commission, unless stated beforehand, in social media, personal galleries, etc.

commission info

Take note that colored and monochromatic commissions are priced differently.
For reference, prices for base commission are set for: Bust, Half-body, and Fullbody.

Artwork is fully rendered in a painterly style and may include use of stylistic lineart.

  • Additional characters are charged the same base price.

  • Props are included in the price, but may incur additional fee depending on the complexity.

  • Animals or companions may be charged additional fee.

  • Backgrounds that are not plain or colour gradient are priced separately.

  • Simple Background: $5 such as a sky, grass, plain room, and other simple environments.

  • Standard Background: $20, for a setting that is not as complex but more detailed than simple background.

  • Complex Background: $40 full of complex details, and rendered.

  • Please provide visual references if you have a certain likeness you would want for the character, clothing, props, etc.

If you have any interest, please fill in the form below for commission request and contact me at: [email protected]

Subject: Commission Request for [Your name/social media handle]

Commission type: Bust/Half-Body/Fullbody + Style A/B Illustration

Subject of Commission & References: [Provide visual references, and/or description on what your commission should look]

Email: [Only for PayPal invoices]

Contact: [Where I can discuss the commission with you]

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